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As a Family Business, Quality and Service Come First

The Eden Meat Market, located on Main Street in Eden, has been providing quality cut fresh meat and sausages since the 1890's.  We have greatly expanded our products and services since then, but still hold true to the same principles - creating a family-friendly environment with homemade products that are affordable and have a flavor second to none.  Our homemade sausages and jerky along with hams and bacon is still smoked in our original block smokehouses using applewood slabs to give a real, natural smoke flavor - never artificial.  Variations of bratwurst, summer sausage, snack sticks and jerky have evolved over the years, keeping our customers' needs in mind.  A full-service meat counter is packed Man walking on Main Street Eden, Wisconsinfull of a huge variety of products - from fresh cut steakschops, and chicken to an assortment of seasoned and stuffed chicken breasts that are available everyday, along with an array of heat and serve items including homemade pizzas and prepared meats perfect for any meal.  Just a few of our newest products introduced are brisket burgers (the juiciest burger you've ever had), a bacon cheeseburger pizza (topped high with seasoned ground chuck, fresh tomatoes, red onions, our own bacon and Mozzarella and Cheddar cheese), chili cheese hot dogs, BBQ steak bites and creamy steakhouse soup!  For those looking to buy meat in bulk, we sell freezer deals and beef sides for any budget.  Venison processing is done year-round and includes skinning, cutting and wrapping, and sausage making from your venison trimmings.  Holiday specials, including gift boxes and gift cards, are available along with weekly specials throughout the year.

The Eden Cafe, located at the corner of highways B and V in Eden, was purchased in 1994, and with that - Eden Catering was formed. The Eden Cafe is famous for the Texas Breakfast Sub (eat 3 in 20 minutes, they're on the house!), a breakfast menu including wraps, sandwiches and omelettes, plus a self-serve salad bar and plenty of daily specials to keep customers coming back!

The Eden Cafe as well as the Eden Meat Market work hand in hand with Eden Catering.  As three separate businesses working as one, our goal is to serve our customers and community the same efficient and friendly way that has been done for many years.  Eden Catering was created with the idea of "good food at a fair price" in mind.  We still use the same idea today by striving to be as economical to our customers as possible, but still expanding our menu options to over 100 to accommodate everyone's different tastes.  Customers can arrange to pick up their meal, have it delivered, or have a full-service meal for up to 1000 guests.  A variety of meats, side dishes, salads and party trays are available.

In 2002, Eden Corner Express was added to our growing businesses. A filling station is its primary objective, but the convenience of frozen pizzas, Eden Meat Market sausages and jerky, pre-made sandwiches, and grocery items make shopping a little quicker and easier. Twenty-four hour gas pumps are offered for credit card users

The Eden Grill, located at the intersection of highway 151 and Winnebago Drive in Taycheedah, opened its doors in 2011 with the purpose of reaching out to our customers with a more convenient location by either dining in or carrying out their meal.  This cozy restaurant specializes in Burgers and Sandwiches including the delicious Eden's Signature Pizza Burger, plus an extensive breakfast menu.  We had to expand our dining area already in 2012 due to a higher number of dine-in guests than expected.  Customers can also have a custom Eden Meat Market or Eden Catering order ready for pick-up at the Eden Grill - 24 hour notice appreciated.

We attribute our success to:

  • Great Customers
  • Quality Products
  • Excellent Service
  • Dedicated Employees

We would like to thank you, our customer, who has made our businesses what they are today. We look forward to servicing both you and your family in the years to come and will continue to grow and develop each of our businesses individually with the customers' changing needs in mind.  As a family business, quality and service come first - satisfaction guaranteed!