Maple Blueberry Baby Brats


All of The Eden Meat Market's bratwurst are quality inspected and handled. Original Pork & Beef Bratwurst and Baby Bratwurst are displayed in our meat case. All other specialty brats, which are flash frozen to ensure excellence, are in our brat case. Our wide variety of bratwurst has different flavors and characteristics. Taste the homemade difference of an Eden Meat Market bratwurst!

Bratwurst Pricing

All prices listed are at regular price.  Make sure to check on our "Brat of the Week" at our Specials page!

Original Bratwurst
The original bratwurst, the one that started it all. Made with lean cuts of both beef and pork and the perfect amount of spice. Most satisfying bratwurst around.
$4.49 / lb
Precooked Bratwurst
Our Original Bratwurst fully-cooked for easy grilling.
$4.49 / lb
Baby Bratwurst
Same mixture as our Original Bratwurst, but stuffed into a smaller casing. Has won multiple awards in state competition!
$4.99 / lb
Mushroom and Swiss Bratwurst
Our original pork and beef bratwurst with lots of mushrooms and Swiss cheese.
$5.49 / lb
Deluxe Pizza Bratwurst
Our spicy Italian brat with green peppers, onions, black olives and mozzarella cheese.
$5.49 / lb
Hungarian Bratwurst
Bratwurst with extra spices, red pepper, Hungarian paprika and then lightly smoked.
$5.49 / lb
Reuben Bratwurst
Bratwurst with crumbled corned beef brisket, sauerkraut and Swiss cheese.
$5.49 / lb
Smoked Cheddar Bratwurst
Bratwurst that has a delicious smoked flavor with cheddar cheese.
$5.49 / lb
Cheddar Bratwurst
Could there be a better Wisconsin combination? Cheese and brats!
$5.49 / lb
Onion and Garlic Bratwurst
Real onions and extra garlic makes this brat a favorite of garlic lovers
$5.49 / lb
Sweet Italian Bratwurst
A hint of sweet maple syrup and fennel seeds gives this brat a sweet Italian taste.
$5.49 / lb
Spicy Italian Bratwurst
Fennel seeds and red pepper are added to give this brat an authentic Italian taste. Top it with sauteed green peppers and onions, Mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce for an Italian Sausage Sandwich
$5.49 / lb
Maple Blueberry Baby Brats
An innovative combination of fresh blueberries and maple syrup
Jalapeno Bratwurst
We turn up the heat adding chopped jalapeno peppers, and plenty of them!
$5.49 / lb
Smoked Bratwurst
Same bratwurst as the original, except smoked lightly to add hickory flavor.
$5.49 / lb
Potato Bratwurst
Potatoes and onions are added to make this a local favorite.
$5.49 / lb
Turkey Bratwurst
Turkey is used in place of pork and beef making a healthier, leaner brat.
$5.49 / lb
Cajun Bratwurst
Extra spices with red pepper make this brat pleasing to anyone who craves hot food! A fantastic substitute for Andouille Sausage
$5.49 / lb
Cheese and Bacon Bratwurst
Our Original Bratwurst with Cheddar cheese and our own cured bacon.
$5.49 / lb

All prices listed are regular prices. Click on Specials for weekly sale items.

What is a Bratwurst?

Wurst Sausage: There are over 1,500 different kinds of sausages coming out of Germany, all with different names, ingredients, flavors, and characteristics. To simplify things, wursts are grouped into three broad categories:

  • Kochwurst: Primarily boiled sausages such as liverwurst (braunsweiger), homemade liver sausage, or blood and tongue sausage.
  • Bruhwurst: Parboiled or scalded. Bratwurst, homemade wieners, ring bologna and yachtwurst would be considered bruhwurst.
  • Hartwurst or Rohwurst: Hard, dry, preserved sausage. Mostly sliced and eaten cold. Some examples would be hard salami and our own summer sausage.

Today, wursts are so much a part of everyday German life that the word itself is in everyday sentences and slang. For example, whenever there is a crucial decision to be made, Germans often say, "The wurst is at stake!" ("Es geht um die Wurst!")

Bratwurst: Known primarily as a "frying" sausage, this linked German sausage may be fresh or precooked. They are usually 1" to 1 1/2" in diameter and 4" to 6" long. It may be a fine or coarse ground wurst and is always browned before serving - either in a skillet or on a grill. They are most popular in Germany, Switzerland and parts of the United States.

Cooking Instructions:

Thawing: If frozen, leave bratwurst in package and thaw in refrigerator overnight.

Cooking: Put thawed brats on a hot grill, 8-10 minutes on each side. If frying, use one tablespoon of butter or margarine. On medium heat, fry both sides 8-10 minutes, covered. Precooked, Potato, and baby Bratwurst will take less time.

Beer Brats: Put thawed brats in a deep pan. Pour one can of your favorite beer for every four bratwurst. Add onions if desired. Cook on medium-high and boil for 5-10 minutes. Take brats out of beer, discard liquid, and grill or panfry on both sides until browned. (Some people grill brats first, then simmer in beer - whatever preference.)

Side Dishes: Traditional Side Dishes for bratwurst consist of sauerkraut, hashbrowns, baked beans, mushrooms, and/or German potato salad in our deli case.