Appetizer & Sides Menu



Breaded Cheese Curds

Served with your choice of dipping sauce  6.89

Pretzel Bites

Soft pretzels served with beer cheese dip  6.29

Haystack Onions

Thin sliced onions breaded and deep-fried served with chipotle dipping sauce  4.89

Mozzarella Sticks

Baker's string cheese wrapped in won tons, deep-fried, and served with marinara sauce  7.49


Bone In  6.89 / / Boneless 7.49

Served with your choice of dipping sauce

BBQ, Parmesan Garlic, Buffalo, Ranch, Sweet Habanero

Nachos n' Cheese

Home made tortilla chips and nacho cheese  4.89

Wild Goose Chippers

Served with our house made Goose sauce  3.29

Garlic Cheese Bread

Served with marinara sauce  6.29

Pizza Bread

Pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese on French bread  6.29

Add sausage  .89


Soup of the Day

Bowl  5.49 / / Cup 3.49

Chicken Pot Pie

Classic creamy chicken pot pie topped with croutons, Bowl  5.49 / / Cup  3.49

French Onion

Classic French onion, crouton-topped with mozzarella cheese  5.89


Bowl  6.49 / / Cup 4.19


Garden Side Salad

Lettuce blend, tomato, onion, cucumber, cheddar cheese, and croutons with choice of dressing  3.19


Turkey, ham, bacon, boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, onion, cheddar cheese, choice of dressing  8.19


Taco meat, lettuce, cheddar cheese, tomato, black olives, and jalapenos on top of house made tortilla chips. Served with sour cream and salsa  8.89

Lite Eaters

Cinnamon Roll

Warmed and topped with vanilla ice cream glaze  2.99

Oatmeal or Grits


Two Potato Pancakes


Two Eggs & Toast


Baby Pancakes


Half Baby Honker

Choice of ham or turkey and cup of soup  5.89

Half BLT

Served with choice of soup  5.89

Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Served with a cup of soup  4.89

Two Chicken Tenders

Served with French fries  5.89


French Fries, Waffle Fries, Chippers, Daily Vegetable, Cottage Cheese, Cup of Soup, Garden Side Salad

Fridays: Home Made Cole Slaw